The Theolog [1954]




The Theolog [1954]


Volume: Volume 69 Number 10

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The Seminite began as a student publication in 1925. It was renamed The Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary Bulletin in 1926 and was also occasionally referred to as The Austin Seminary Bulletin. From 1945 on, in order to distinguish it from other seminary bulletins, the publication became The Theolog. It was published quarterly from 1925-1968, excluding the years: 1938, 1944, 1946, 1960, 1963 and 1965. The Theolog was published with hopes that, "prospective candidates for the Gospel Ministry may have their interest in this Seminary kindled through the perusal of this modest effort. It is the hope that the memories of bygone days shall be refreshed in the minds of the Alumni of the Seminary as they look on familiar scenes; and it is further trusted, that the men and women of the Presbyterian Church may be led to the feeling of definite responsibility to this institution and its efforts to train worthy leaders for the spiritual life of men in this and coming generations."


(Numbers in parenthesis indicate the page on which the individual can be found.)

Adams, Richard K. (10)
Alexander, George W. (10)
Alexander, John K. (10)
Alverson, Frank C. (12)
Anderson, James William (10)
Andrews, James E. (8)
Bateman, Ben H. (8)
Bell, Philip Miller (8)
Berkley, John Brydson (8)
Bierschwale, Milton (12)
Boand, William Ith (12)
Bradford, George C. (8)
Buls, William C. (8)
Burton, Charles G. (10)
Campbell, James M. (8)
Christie, William (8)
Citron, Bernhard (16)
Cochran, Joe R., Jr. (8)
Cook, Fleet Goode (4,12)
Cook, Thomas E. (12)
Cooper, Joseph R. (12,18)
Correu, Lawrence (10)
Davis, Marcia (14)
Davis, Ronald Coleman (8)
Dealey, Walter Allen (13,18)
Desl, Jochen (14)
Dow, Norman Dressel, Jr. (16)
Durway, Daniel Lindsey (8)
Evans, David T. (11)
Files, John A. (8)
Fisher, Mrs. James R. (15)
Fredrick, Harry (15)
Freeman, Robert Orr (13)
Fromme, James Edward (14)
Gloff, Doris Jean (14)
Gomez, Ariel (14)
Gribble, Robert Francis (17)
Gutierrezm Ben F. (8)
Henderson, James L. (11)
Hendren, Julian T. (11)
Horn, Leroy Bernard, Jr. (13)
Hunnicutt, Jack C. (13)
Joekel, Samuel Levinson (17)
Johnson, Harry L. (11)
Jumper, Andrew Albert (13)
Junkin, Sam M. (8)
Kennedy, Mrs. J.V. (15)
Knott, Rochard Orr (9)
Lloyd, Marjorie (15)
Loessin, Wilburn Lee (13)
Lyon, Gurdon Taft, Jr. (13)
Mahon, James A., Jr. (9)
Marek, Daniel J. (11)
Marsh, James Ross (9,18)
McCord, James Iley (16)
McCord, John H. (9)
McLaurin, Eugene William (17)
Meeks, Wayne A. (9)
Millard, James A., Jr. (17)
Mitchell, William R. (9)
Moore, Henry E. (9)
Mosley, James W. (11,18)
Nedbalek, Frank George (9)
Nelson, Carl Ellis (18)
Nevermann, Hans-Richard (14)
Parkhill, Ralyn Clayton (13)
Penick, D.A. (2)
Person, Ralph (9)
Porter, W. Clark (11)
Reed, Robert W. (11)
Reeves, Kenneth Alfred (9)
Richmaid, David Miles Hume (13)
Robertson, John Clement (11)
Ruffin, Joe David (9)
Russ, John (13)
Schmidt, Richard H. (11)
Scott, Earl Constantine (13)
Sebesta, Robert James (11,18)
Shell, John Robert (13)
Sheppard, James R. (9)
Shepperson, Robert Rankin (14,18)
Smathers, Earle Stanley (10)
Smiley, John W. (15)
Stewart, Robert Jean (10)
Stitt, David Leander (16)
Street, Thomas Watson (18)
Thomas, Martin Huffman (14)
Thrash, James C. (10)
Tiemann, William Harold (14)
Tippit, Albert Sidney (11,18)
Tompkins, Jerry Robert (14)
Turner, James (14)
Turner, Richard Lee (14)
Van Auken, William (12,18)
Vanden Bosch, John Maurice (12)
Votaw, Dessie Mae (15)
Walker, Jerry Goldsmith (12)
Walker, William O., Jr. (10)
Washer, Phin, Jr. (14)
White, Haves R. (12)
Wilkins, Ronald A. (10)
Wilkinson, Martin Ray (12)
Wilson, William Riley (12)
Woolard, Nettie (15)
Wright, Clarence Keith (10)
Young, George Arthur (12)


Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary


Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary Records


June 1954


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Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, “The Theolog [1954],” Austin Seminary Archives, accessed November 14, 2018,

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