The Theolog [1950]




The Theolog [1950]


Volume: Volume 66 Number 2

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The Seminite began as a student publication in 1925. It was renamed The Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary Bulletin in 1926 and was also occasionally referred to as The Austin Seminary Bulletin. From 1945 on, in order to distinguish it from other seminary bulletins, the publication became The Theolog. It was published quarterly from 1925-1968, excluding the years: 1938, 1944, 1946, 1960, 1963 and 1965. The Theolog was published with hopes that, "prospective candidates for the Gospel Ministry may have their interest in this Seminary kindled through the perusal of this modest effort. It is the hope that the memories of bygone days shall be refreshed in the minds of the Alumni of the Seminary as they look on familiar scenes; and it is further trusted, that the men and women of the Presbyterian Church may be led to the feeling of definite responsibility to this institution and its efforts to train worthy leaders for the spiritual life of men in this and coming generations."


(Numbers in parenthesis indicate the page on which the individual can be found.)

Alexander, W.A. (12)
Allen, William Kirk, Jr. (6)
Anderson, John Franklin, Jr. (6)
Baletka, William Johnny (8)
Beseda, Henry Ernest, Jr. (8)
Bluhm, Hans Dieter (6)
Boggs, Wade H. (17)
Bowman, Benjamin Hampton (8)
Bradshaw, William Newman (10)
Brandt, William Lloyd (10)
Brannon, John Harvey (10)
Brannon, Robert Bruce, Jr. (8)
Brown, Aubrey N. (17)
Bucy, Ralph Davis (10)
Bullock, Robert H. (17)
Burke, Albert Carswell, Jr. (8)
Campbell, Charles Milton (6)
Cluney, Claud Milan, Jr. (10)
Coit, Albert Barge (8)
Cook, James Nolley (8)
Coon, Exell Leon (10)
Copeland, Henry Richard (8)
Culley, Erwin Gray (6)
Cumming, D.J. (17)
Cunningham, John Wilson (8)
Currie, David Mitchell (6)
Currie, Stuart Dickson (6)
Currie, Thomas White, Jr. (6)
Daniel, Preston Coy, Jr. (10)
Deison, Raymond Arthur (6)
Deutsch, Ernest Frank (6)
Douglass, Robert Perry (6)
Dow, Norman Dressell, Jr. (2,6)
Dowell, Jane (6)
Durway, Malcolm Bolin (6)
Easton, Walter Clarence (10)
Ehlers, Emmett Amburg (6)
Elder, John Blanton (9)
Ellison, William Lee (6)
Engstrom, Winfred Andrew (11)
Evans, Louis H. (17)
Faison, George Terry (6)
Fleming, William Robert (11)
Forthman, Clayton Grimes (11)
Foster, Evelyn, Mosier (4)
Foster, Herbert Charles (6)
Fraser, Charles Brayton, Jr. (10)
Freeland, David Arthur (9)
Gage, William Robert (7)
Garza, Juan Leandro (9)
Gaston, John Zell, III. (9)
Gharis, Edgar Tudor (10)
Gillespie, Richard T. (17)
Gipson, Herschel R. (5)
Gray, Darrell Dean (6)
Green, Mrs. Thomas L. (5)
Gribble, Robert Francis (3)
Grubbs, Henry Allen (7)
Hardin, James Hugh, Jr. (7)
Harnest, Charley Parrish (10)
Harrison, David Caldwell (2,9)
Harrison, Jack Grandstaff (10)
Hawkins, James Robert (7)
Hayes, Arthur Robert (4)
Hendrick, John Robert (10)
Hoverson, Richard Roy (8)
James, H. Grady (12)
Joekel, Samuel Levinson (3,17)
Johns, Horace Wayne (10)
Jones, James A. (12)
Justus, John Henry (6)
Kendrick, Baynard Hardwick, Jr. (11)
Keys, Felix Willburn, Jr. (10)
King, Charles I. (17)
Kinser, Floyd Gilbert (10)
Lang, Cecil Herbert, Jr. (11)
Langham, Frank W. (17)
Latourette, Kenneth Scott (12)
Leland, Frances Early (6)
Leos, Jesus Lugo (11)
Lewis, Willis Jack (6)
Logan, James Isaac, Jr. (11)
Long, Flynn Vincent, Jr. (11)
Long, Walter (5)
Love, Joseph Edgar, Jr. (11)
Lovett, Thomas Parker (7)
MacDonald, George Granger (11)
Manford, James Benton (9)
Martin, Robert Earl (11)
Mauldin, Kenneth Lawrence (6)
McCord, James Iley (3)
McCown, Dan Howard (11)
McDaniel, Faries James (7)
McLaurin, Eugene William (4)
Michalik, Albert Lee (11)
Minear, Paul S. (12)
Minter, John P. (17)
Moore, David Tolbert (2,9)
Mueller, John Joseph, Jr. (6)
Mueller, Oscar Worrell (7)
Neal, Katherine W. (5)
Nelson, Carl Ellis (4,17)
Nelson, John Oliver (17)
Nelson, Raymond Lee (6)
Newton, James William (9)
O'Connor, Leslie Lee (6)
Odum, Harold Glenn (9)
O'Kelley, W.F. (17)
Orr, Len William (9)
Paisley, Edward D. (12)
Palmer, William Corbin, Jr. (11)
Parsons, David Vibert (7)
Penick, David Allen (4)
Pimentel, Ezequias Moran (6)
Poole, Mark K. (17)
Price, Byron Thomas (11)
Price, Robert Earl (7)
Proudfoot, Charles Merrill (4,7)
Quinius, Henry Willard, Jr. (6)
Reyes, Ramon Orta (6)
Robertson, Edward Dale (11)
Row, Charles H. (5)
Ryan, Richard George (9)
Salmon, Russell Homer, Jr. (11)
Severin, Alfred Gwynn (2,9)
Sharpe, Dwight Alfred (6)
Slicker, Joseph Allen (11)
Slusser, Gerald Herbert (11)
Smith, Everett Grant (6)
Smith, James Allen (11)
Stafford, Thomas Henry (11)
Stebbing, Franklin Harold (7)
Stitt, David Leander (3)
Stockwell, William Foster (6,17)
Stout, Helen Jarnagin (6)
Stout, John Maxell (11)
Street, Thomas Watson (4)
Strickland, Eugene Lee (7)
Strickland, James Arthur (11)
Sullivan, George Monroe (6)
Summey, George (4,17)
Sweet, William Warren (12)
Swinney, Leonard Robert (6)
Tittsworth, James Lemuel (9)
Tolbert, Archibald McDuffie (2,8)
Toppins, John Edwin (8)
Totten, George Francis (11)
Van Vleck, James Brackett (11)
Votaw, Dessie Mae (5)
Walker, Frank Bishop, Jr. (2,8)
Walkup, Robert H. (17)
Webb, Leslie Everett (11)
Wedel, Theodore O. (12)
Wharton, Conway T. (17)
Wharton, James Allen (9)
Wiliamson, Dorothy Jo (6)
Willard, Glenn Martin (8)
Yates, Jane S. (5)


Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary


Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary Records


July 1950


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Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, “The Theolog [1950],” Austin Seminary Archives, accessed November 14, 2018,

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