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Newspaper clipping of picture and description of Ricky Holmes and the excitement of and anticipation of the Christmas holiday circa 1950s.

Photo of the 2005 APTS Polity Bowl team

Float: 3000 Miles to the Pacific (University of Texas Round-Up parade on March 27, 1953)


A photograph of a man avoiding having his flag pulled during the 1987 Polity Bowl game.

A black and white photograph of a man being lifted onto the shoulders of the APTS players at a 1980's Polity Bowl game.

photo 2.JPG
Photo of "A piece of the Chapel spire that was damaged in the 2004 lightning strike. Because this is from the same spire that was repaired in 1976-1977, this piece is only 28 years old." Photo taken by Mandy Sutton in October 2013

An unidentified woman speaks at the 1985 Christmas Party as an unidentified man looks on.

A photograph of an APTS student kicking the ball during the 1987 Polity Bowl.

A photograph of a man running with the ball during a 1980s Polity Bowl.

A photograph of an APTS student running with a football during an early 2000s Polity Bowl.

A photograph of an APTS student running with the football in a 1980s Polity Bowl game

A photograph of an early 2000s APTS Polity Bowl team posing for a group team photo.

Photograph of APTS and SSW students playing in the 2005 Polity Bowl.

[APTS and SSW Students Playing in the Polity Bowl 2012]
A photograph of APTS and SSW students playing in the Polity Bowl 2012

Photo of the APTS Holy Spirit Squad holding signs at the 2012 Polity Bowl
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