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Church located in Natalia, Texas

Built in 1910, while James F. Hardie spent his summer vacation doing home mission work there, during his Seminary days

Photo of the exterior of the 2nd Presbyterian Church Manse, the clergy house inhabited by or formerly inhabited by a minister, located in Waco, Texas.

2nd Presbyterian Church and manse located in Richmond, Virgina on the Northeast corner of 5th and Main streets. Photo taken from the rear.

L.C. Majors was appointed as the Synod’s Religious Director of Texas for the Dallas area,

Benjamin Morgan Palmer was an orator and Presbyterian theologian.

original inscription on photograph “The newly elected moderator”

NOTE: Subjects include: standing left to right Cecil H. Lang Jr., Ralph D. Bucy, Malcolm L. Purcell, seated Howard Blake

Kagawa was a Japanese Christian pacifist, Christian reformer, and labour activist. Dr. Harry W. Myers, an American missionary, served as longtime mentor to Kagawa.

NOTE: Not all subjects identified. Subjects include: James McCord, Daniel Penick, Hulon Black, and Billy Syers (young boy)

NOTE: Not all subjects identified. Subjects include: Elizabeth Glasscock, Henry Quinius, Martin Singleton, “Manny” Douglas, Sarah Hunt, Palmer Delotus, Elizabeth Hunt, Caroline Purchell, Joy Wade, Margaret Purcell, Oscar Landry, and Mary Landry

Group photograph posed with a bicycle in front, a banner reading “Circulation,” and a sign on the door behind the group reads “Delegates Only,”

NOTE: Not all subjects identified. Subjects include: left to right Malcolm Lee Purcell and Lowry Owen
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