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  • Collection: Wintertime at the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Photograph of Eunice Paul, known as Mrs. Bob, serving punch at an unknown lecture reception circa 1950s.

A photograph of people standing in line for coffee at a mid-winter lecture reception circa 1950s. The man with the black suit at the center is Dr. James Hardie, pastor of Broadway Presbyterian Church in Forth Worth and behind him is Rodney S[un]day.

Ellis Nelson, left standing, and other students helping themselves to food, drinks, and engaging in conversation at a 1949 holiday gathering,

Photograph of an unknown baby in front of a large snowman. Carries the caption "Beebums" in the 1949 Theolog.

Photograph of the table centerpiece at a 1949 student holiday gathering.

Black and white photograph of Sampson Hall, the former west campus dormitory demolished in 1963, after a snow.

A photograph of student Gene Strickland, shoveling snow in 1949

Two unknown students and two unknown staff members attend a Christmas holiday party in the 1960s
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