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A posed group photograph of a 1980's Polity Bowl APTS team.

Photograph of Rev. Dr. Ted Wardlaw and Asante Todd cheering at the 2005 Polity Bowl in face paint.

A photograph of fans sitting in the bleachers at a 1980s Polity Bowl game. A dog is also in attendance

Young girls cheerleading at the 1987 Polity Bowl.

A black and white photo of fans cheering or singing in the stands at a 1980's Polity Bowl game.

A black and white photograph of a man being lifted onto the shoulders of the APTS players at a 1980's Polity Bowl game.

A black and white photograph of an APTS player holds his hands up on the field during the 1991 Polity Bowl.

Photo of the 2005 APTS Polity Bowl team

198311 APTS Polity Bowl players.jpg
A photo of the 1983 APTS Polity Bowl team on the field.

198311 APTS Polity Bowl fans.jpg
A photo of Polity Bowl APTS fans sitting on the bleachers with a dog in the 1980s.

Rev. Jackie Saxon, Vice President for Student Affairs and Vocation, stands with two students and the Polity Bowl trophy after the game in 2012

A photo of the Holy Spirit Squad cheerleaders posing after the 2012 Polity Bowl

Photo of the APTS Holy Spirit Squad holding signs at the 2012 Polity Bowl

Photo of fans laughing while watching the 2012 Polity Bowl
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