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Presbyterian Church located in Kansas City, Missouri on the corner of Anderson Avenue and Benton Boulevard.NOTE: right corner has been digitally restored

Photograph taken at a community church in Natalia, Texas

Photograph taken at the Parlor, now known as the Edleen Beg Parlor in Austin, Texas

NOTE: Not all subjects identified. Subjects include: left to right Stuart Purcell, unidentified, unidentified, Malcolm Purcell, Mayor Tom Miller of Austin

Samuel Monroe Neel was a confederate soldier, minister in the Presbyterian Church, lawyer, and son of a Presbyterian elder.

NOTE: Subjects include: front left to right Margaret Purcell, Martha Parse, Jane Ella Brooks, Jane Duraps middle left to right Hugh Norman Brown, Bill Schlaudt, Homer Reynolds back left to right Suzanne Oelfke, Sonny Sundermyers, Walter Eldreth,…

NOTE: One of the men pictured is Rev. William H. Foster, Sr.

NOTE: Not all subjects identified. Subjects include: left to right Malcolm Lee Purcell and Lowry Owen

Group photograph posed with a bicycle in front, a banner reading “Circulation,” and a sign on the door behind the group reads “Delegates Only,”

NOTE: Not all subjects identified. Subjects include: Elizabeth Glasscock, Henry Quinius, Martin Singleton, “Manny” Douglas, Sarah Hunt, Palmer Delotus, Elizabeth Hunt, Caroline Purchell, Joy Wade, Margaret Purcell, Oscar Landry, and Mary Landry

NOTE: Not all subjects identified. Subjects include: James McCord, Daniel Penick, Hulon Black, and Billy Syers (young boy)

Kagawa was a Japanese Christian pacifist, Christian reformer, and labour activist. Dr. Harry W. Myers, an American missionary, served as longtime mentor to Kagawa.

NOTE: Subjects include: standing left to right Cecil H. Lang Jr., Ralph D. Bucy, Malcolm L. Purcell, seated Howard Blake
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